New update on the Last Words App

New update on the Last Words App. We are very excited that the Last words App for android is ready to launch.  We have one more milestone in that we are just waiting for IOS approval in the App Store. When we get approval, we will launch them together. I know its been a while … Continued

Sharing Your Story

I would like to think that I would be the author of my own story but sadly, many times in life others write it for you. Of all we leave behind, our story defines who we were, how we lived, what we felt, and who we loved. The creation of LAST WORDS is an opportunity … Continued

Get the most out of your LAST WORDS

We encourage you to update your videos often! Although you can create content and forget about it, LAST WORDS is about sharing your most current message, capturing your video in the present, and ensuring you send the right messages.