LAST WORDS was created to ensure delivery of final memories and messages to loved ones via email. Share personal videos, images, and documents to all the important people in your life if something unexpected happens.

You have a Will but does it tell your kids that you’ll miss them? That you are proud of them? Does it tell your wife how much her love meant to you? Does it tell your parents how thankful you are to have had them? With the LAST WORDS app, you can ensure everyone in your life hears your LAST WORDS.

LAST WORDS can be used to save personalized messages and files of special memories or celebrations to share with loved ones. You can set a custom date for it to send your package of memories or respond to notifications in order to determine when packages will be sent. Use LAST WORDS for final messages that a Will can’t communicate or to check in to let others know where you are.

LAST WORDS is not about endings. It’s about living without regret. It’s knowing that your life will not end without you. Your LAST WORDS will be the seeds to grow a lasting memory of you, a legacy to leave behind!

“There were so many things unsaid between my mom and I but we both felt there was always tomorrow. Tragically and unexpectedly, tomorrow didn’t come. She left a will, but it just wasn’t enough. I wish I could just hear her say “I love you” one more time. Maybe with the Last Words app, I would have had that memory.”

-  Alexa Foster (Student)

“Pulling over after one of the scariest moments I’ve ever experienced on my daily commute, I realized that if something happened to me, my kids would never have truly known how proud I am of them and how I will miss them. I won’t miss my chance to say goodbye. I will definitely be using Last Words.”

-  Timothy Jones (Truck driver)