With the LAST WORDS app, create a confidential, lasting message for any loved ones you may someday leave behind. LAST WORDS makes it easy for you to record a video message, upload pictures, add documents and organize them all in one simplified application.

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1 Download & Sign Up For Free

Create an account and register with email, Facebook, or Google.

2 Meet "Angel"

You’ll be greeted by Angel, your digital tour guide, who will take you step by step through our process to help you upload your videos, images, and documents in a simplified method catered to all ages.

3 Capture Your Message

Choose to capture real time videos or images recorded on your smartphone device, or upload existing videos, images, and documents, the choice is yours!

4 Review Package

Once satisfied with your desired uploads, you will be able to review your LAST WORDS package.

5 Assign Loved Ones

With LAST WORDS, you can assign family members and friends to receive your package of memories on a specific date.

6 Purchase Subscription

An annual subscription to LAST WORDS is $13.99/yr USD for a basic video subscription. LAST WORDS users have the option to upgrade to a premium plan for $19.99/yr USD.

7 Confirmation

LAST WORDS checks in with you periodically to confirm your subscription activity, and that you are not ready for your LAST WORDS packages to be sent. If check in notifications are not responded to, your LAST WORDS packages will be sent to the email addresses of your assigned loved ones to receive.